San Francisco Dream - Hand Embroidery Pattern (Architectural embroider

San Francisco Dream - Hand Embroidery Pattern (Architectural embroidery)

Access the pattern here: San Francisco has long been a dream destination for both of us. Thus for this week's new Embroidery pattern, Elin has captured some iconic San Francisco architecture. One of many wonderful things with architectural hand embroidery is how it allows you to travel in space and time. Embroider a scene from Paris and your mind will bring you there in a minute, or in this case: let your mind wander along the streets of San Francisco! Even though we have only used basic stitches the high level of smaller details may make this pattern more intermediate or advanced. However, all the small details on the houses are embroidered with the same technique if single stranded backstitch/straight stitch. Thus for the adventurous beginner we know that you can make it as well! Hope you'll enjoy this pattern! You find it through our website:

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